Whatifi is an interactive, story-hacking platform that allows viewers to take control of the narrative as it unfolds. At Whatifi Studios, we work with independent filmmakers across the globe to develop new, branching narratives for audiences eager to explore the possibilities of branching storytelling.

This Call Will Be Recorded

Whatifi Studios partnered with American Vandal actor, Melvin Gregg, to create This Call Will Be Recorded. The 16-ending film, written and directed by Gregg, explores domestic and technological mishaps in the time of COVID.

"Whatifi is designed to be an experience shared with friends. Every turn is as unique as the group of friends you experience it with. I also saw interactive filmmaking as a challenge that I was excited to explore, it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before. If like myself you’ve ever looked at a film or television show and thought 'what if this happened,' 'why didn’t they do that instead,' then Whatifi is the platform for you.” - Melvin Gregg

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Save Luna

Whatifi Studio's 2020 Script Competition gave aspiring writers and filmmakers the opportunity to pitch and develop interactive stories for a new generation of film fans. The team behind Whatifi's newest 16-ending release, Save Luna, received $200,000 to produce their story, which follows a family trying to support their terminally-ill daughter in an dystopian world.

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What is a branching story?
On Whatifi, movies split at “decision points.” A decision point is a moment in the story at which the audience has the opportunity to decide between two ways to proceed in the movie world. Branching movies on Whatifi can have 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or even 64 different endings. When writing a branching story, it’s important to think about how decisions work (does the audience put themselves in the protagonist’s shoes?), and how many unique endings suit your script.
How did Whatifi start?
In the beginning, before apps ruled the world and phones stayed firmly in our hands at all times, Whatifi's founders were creating live, interactive theater performances in Tallinn, Estonia. Giving control of the narrative to a live audience breathed new life into stories told on stage.

The possibility of bringing this experience to viewers across the globe was too exciting not to explore. And so Whatifi was born, launching first with two films that allowed audiences to watch films together and decide how the story is told. Since then, Whatifi has worked in partnership independent filmmakers to create interactive branching films with as many as 64 unique endings to discover.
What do you look for in the filmmakers you collaborate with?
We have passion for storytelling and an interest in crafting compelling branching narratives, and we hope that you do too! We look for filmmakers with unique perspectives and style. No matter where you are in your filmmaking journey, we'd love to discuss collaborating with you to bring your story to life.
What makes Whatifi unique?
Whatifi is a one-of-a-kind platform built for branching narratives. Our app allows remote viewers to watch films and make decisions together. Rather than focusing on bite-sized content, we specialize in bringing unique, interactive movies to life.
What makes a good branching story?
Branching stories give viewers the opportunity to take control of the narrative. When constructing a branching story, it's important to think about constructing compelling decision points that might make a viewer pause and ponder what they'd like to see next. Oftentimes, the best decisions put viewers in the shoes of the protagonist, allowing them to relate to characters on screen in a way that isn't possible in a linear story. Creating a story with multiple unique and captivating endings is journey as rewarding for the viewer as it is for the filmmaker.
How do you pronounce Whatifi?

What If I..?

wuht /ɪf/ *eye 👁*

Not: What-iffy (though that has a certain charm)

How do viewers watch Whatifi Studios projects?
You can watch all our current releases on our app, Whatifi, available in Google Play and the App Store. Viewers can watch alone, or live with their friends and make decisions along the way by swiping up or down at decision points. We also host livestreams of our films hosted by cast and crew, where audiences around the world can join in and vote on what happens next.
I have a question that wasn't answered here!
Reach out to us at studios@whatifi.com and we'll be in touch!